for School​

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Inspiring your students

  • Interactive games and quizzes in English
  • Scaffolding questions for critical thinking, analysis and debate
  • Blended learning and extended theatre experiences
  • Additional live events
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Anytime, anywhere

  • 24/7 access at home or in school via PC or tablets
  • Student self-directed learning
  • Teachers can easily follow up on students’ progress online
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Connecting with experts

  • Teaching aid and full technical support for teachers
  • Special 2-hour online workshop on creative teaching hosted by CPD expert Margo Gunn available only on subscription to any digiAFTEC® programme

Course Comparison

Course Target Language levels available Theatrical element Other complements Bilingual glossary with audio Teachers' support
Walking the Amazon


P4 - S6 1 Walking the Amazon production (2021) Physical Theatre Workshop

Downloadable teachers' guide


Module 1: Take a Line for a Walk

Module 2: Making Sense: Shapes & Patterns


P4 - S6 1

In Cantonese


Serendip tote bag

In-school Workshop

- Creative Interactive Activities
A Young Person’s Guide to the Theatre


P4 - S6 1 Comedy of Mistakes production (2021)

Build-your-own theatre kit and Workbook

Live workshops (coming in Summer 2022)

Downloadable teachers' guide

Online CPD workshop

The Tale of Robin Hood


P4 - S3 1 The Tale of Robin Hood production (2020) Online pre-show workshop

Downloadable teachers' guide

Online CPD workshop

Imagine Adventure


P4 - P6 2 - -

Downloadable teachers' guide

Online CPD workshop


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