All of us can be creative with a basic understanding of the arts, through practice and experience. digiAFTEC® Serendip is a fun and interactive online learning programme that has videos, a Serendip tote bag and face-to-face workshops to develop one’s cognitive and creative thinking skills. The Serendip programme begins with an animation of the ancient Persian tale of The Three Princes of Serendip and ends with the key message that arts are everywhere around us. A family-friendly programme, Serendip offers 7 Tools & Skills for the public to understand that arts are crucial in the development of knowledge and creative thinking.

Ages: 8 – 88

Free online videos

In Cantonese with bilingual subtitles

Module 1: Take a Line for a Walk

– The Three Princes of Serendip

– What is a Line? 

– Purposeful and Incidental Lines 

– Lines of Light and Shadow

– Lines, Spaces and Buildings

– Moving Lines and Lines of Movement

Module 2: Making Sense: Shapes & Patterns

– Making Sense: Shapes & Patterns

– Nature in Patterns

– Melodic Music

– Dancing with Patterns 

– Theatrical Shapes

Serendip tote bag

A bag filled with exciting and creative goodies that unleash creativity through a series of interactive activities found in each video. The tote bag costs $120 and is now available for order online.

Live face-to-face workshops

Live face-to-face workshops for a complete creative learning experience. 


More workshop details will be released soon!
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