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With support from the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR), AFTEC is presenting Comedy of Mistakes – A Young Person’s Guide to the Theatre as one of the English Alliance Programmes 2020-21 in March 2021.

“From Page to Stage®” Programme is a comprehensive Learning & Participation theatre education platform in English, which has been an astounding success in the past six years. Tailor made for local secondary school students, the Programme is a fresh and unique educational adventure. Through high quality drama performances and in-school pre- and post-performance workshops, we aim to nurture local students’ interest in classic literature and appreciation of the arts. The Programme has reached over 64,000 secondary students and teachers through six highly-acclaimed “From Page to Stage®” productions and over 160 performances.

It’s very interactive and the interactions between actors and students after the show encouraged students to refine and reiterate their thoughts. Teacher, Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)

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