Sm-ART Youth

Beginning in 2012, Sm-ART Youth is designed to nurture creative learning for underprivileged primary students and aims to demonstrate arts for transformative educational change. Programmes include constant year-round exposure to diverse arts disciplines in and outside of the classroom such as Cultural Days.The project is based on inter-generational teaching and learning. Participants of different ages are benefit from volunteers training and participation, practical opportunities for interns from MA in Expressive Arts Therapy.

The 2018-2020 cohort marked the end of the project. Sm-ART Youth has enabled in total 155 underprivileged primary students to nurture a questioning habit of mind, to understand the self and beyond, and to locate meaning in their young lives.

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hours of regular and online classes

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days of Cultural Days with workshops

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training workshops for volunteers

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primary 4-6 students from 5 schools

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artist educators

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trainees from MA in Expressive Arts Therapy, HKU & teaching assistant intern

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adult volunteers

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hours of parents and students evaluation meeting

Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Primary School (Ping Shek)

The students enjoyed the multisensory and experiential learning. They tried to use different methods to communicate and collaborate with each other. Both students and teachers learnt a lot from Sm-ART Youth during the year. Their teaching method acts as a reference point for my own teaching and has really helped my professional development.

We took the lesson outdoors. The Sm-ART Youth tutors prepared a number of recycled cardboard tubes as the primary creative tool. The kids discovered it could be used as a listening device and tried it out with great curiosity. It was a great opportunity to nurture their creativity and get them fully involved in the activity.

Lee Kwan Ho

Since joining Sm-ART Youth, I learnt to think more and focus better. I hope I get to stay in the project and continue to hone my observation skills and learn new things.

Lau Wing Yan
P5 student

Sm-ART Youth not only allows the children to experience a variety of disciplines in the arts, but also how to use their five senses to understand everything around them, to learn to observe and appreciate history, culture and modern life through the arts. In addition, the games and activities also teach critical thinking and inquiring minds. It’s been a whole year already! During this time, I have witnessed every one of these kids improve in different ways – some have made huge breakthroughs, some gained the courage to try new things, others the skill to listen or to speak up, and others still the ability to observe and care for others.

Yan Lee
Social worker

Ma On Shan St. Joseph's Primary School

The Sm-ART Youth programme has made me more willing to answer questions in class because I learnt that there are no wrong answers. It gave me the confidence to at least try. In addition, Sm-ART Youth allowed me to understand my strengths better. 

Zhu Pei Yuan
P4 student

Not only did I learn to use my brain, but that there can be more than one solution to any problem when viewed from different perspectives. If I had not joined Sm-ART Youth, I might still think there was only one answer to everything. 

Lee Ka Nok

St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School

I see an education rainbow. As education practitioners, we cannot accomplish everything exactly as we would like. Sm-ART Youth is like a rainbow in the education field – it is something we cannot always find but always long for.

Cheung Wai Ching

Teachers at school give us knowledge from books, while Sm-ART Youth teaches us emotional management, life skills and learning to learn.

Wong Ting Fai
P5 student

Before Sm-ART Youth, I was arrogant and always thought that my ideas were better than others. Now I understand that everyone has his/her own strengths.

Wah Tsz Wai
P6 student

The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad No. 2 Primary School

I learnt about culture and different ways of learning. I have changed and have become more tolerant of others, more expressive and open minded. What I really like about the programme is that I can learn through play and not have to do a lot of homework.

Jerry Wang
P6 student

Sm-ART Youth has taught me to listen. If you don’t listen, you won’t learn anything and you won’t get to play games either.

Mak Li Kei, Niki
P4 student

This has been an interactive, dynamic learning year and I have grown with the students. Sm-ART Youth has inspired me to question and understand different art forms. I really appreciate the resources afforded to this programme.

Anna Chau

We care for each individual student. We want to help them find their own way to acquire and express, develop their character and become a genuine life-long learner.

Priscila Chu
Arts educator

We need a higher quality of person to achieve a better world and the Sm-ART Youth programme is exactly working towards this goal. 

Vannie Fan


Sponsor: Jean CK Ho Family Foundation

Photos were taken before COVID-19