知識交流 Knowledge Exchange 2024

日期 Date:
31/5 - 1/6, 2024 (五及六 Fri & Sat)
時間 Time:
10am – 5pm
地點 Venue:
香港海事博物館 Hong Kong Maritime Museum
香港中環8號碼頭 Central Pier No. 8, Hong Kong


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感謝您參與推動藝術創意學習。除了透過參與「知識交流」論壇支持創意學習外,還可善用 貴機構的影響力向您的追蹤者推廣「知識交流:創『見』願景」的訊息。為感謝您的支持,本團將為 貴機構預留額外3席論壇的貴賓席位,並將在論壇網站上特別嗚謝 貴機構及於本團「戲遊人生計劃」劇場演出場刊中展示 貴機構標誌。
We sincerely appreciate your participation in promoting this innovative approach to learning transformation. And, not only can you attend the forum to foster creative learning, but we also appreciate that you're spreading the word about the Knowledge Exchange: Re-imagining Creative Futures forum via your valuable channels. As a token of appreciation, we will reserve an additional of 3 VIP seats for your organisation in the forum and acknowledge your support by including your organisation's name on the forum website and your logo on another one of our programme Young Theatre Makers house programme.

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備註 Remarks

  1. 如有查詢,請致電 2520 1716 聯絡鄧小姐或電郵至 [email protected]
    Please contact us on 2520 1716 (Rachel Tang) or email us at [email protected] for enquiries.
  2. 節目如有更改,應以誇啦啦藝術集匯之最後公佈為準。
    If there are any changes to the programme, AFTEC’s latest announcement is most updated.

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