“Creativity brings with it the ability to question, make connections, innovate, problem solve, communicate, collaborate and to reflect critically, the skills young people will need if they are to take responsibility for their own learning.”

Creative Partnerships

Project Components


Over the 3 years of the JCABC Project, each theme per annum has been conceived to be wide in breadth and deep in scope to accommodate different abilities and interpretations.

Year 1

Being introspective: understanding the internal space of the self and growing up

Taking the physical surroundings into consideration

Building bridges with the different aspects and stories in life

Year 2

Connecting different generations through physical and emotional development stories & relationships

Reconnect the relationship between human beings and living things

Unleash the power of art to connect emotions

Year 3

Creative Learning as an alternative teaching & learning approach

Impact & contribution of Arts to the society

Role of learners in 21st century

Key Learning Areas

Designed to complement and support the school curriculum, each JCABC Project school will then work with the Creative Practitioners to discuss and choose a Key Learning Area within the theme to investigate:

Creative Domain

The JCABC Project is a rich and diverse platform that gives opportunities for multiple school subjects to develop in tandem with multiple creative art forms. This means that no two tangible outcomes will exactly replicate another school or be alike. School projects created will all be different as a result.

Schools also select an appropriate art form or creative domain to embody the theme, support and demonstrate the KLA from a multi-disciplinary perspective thus providing a skeleton framework but within a clear curriculum structure unique to each school.

There are multiple combinations to cross from one KLA into another and/or to a creative domain in the arts and other creative areas.

Possible creative domain include (but not limited to):

Visual Arts

Set Design & Making

Props Design & Making

Costume Design & Making

Music & Sound


As promulgated in the EDB’s Arts Education KLA (AEKLA) the JCABC Project approach focuses on experiential learning and enquiry-based teaching in which teachers co-design with CPs, co-construct with students through interactive learning. This is integrated learning in the arts or across to another creative domain.

The 5Cs

Given the tumultuous changes and enormous challenges facing our young people in the 21st century, our students need to develop cognitive and emotional resilience and to learn vital skills in and through the school curricula as encapsulated by the 5Cs.

While the first 4Cs are known to be crucial values, the final C of Contribution has been part and parcel of AFTEC’s civic consciousness for over a decade given our staunch belief in the civic role of the arts. As such the final product of each JCABC Project should be rooted firmly in the idea that some form of improvement and advancement to our community can be brought about.