Programme Highlights

Year 2 Connections:
Interdependent Cross-sector Networks

Ever wondered about the connections AFTEC made in the education and arts sectors?

Let’s look back and reflect on the collaborative expansions and their successes and challenges for schools, creative practitioners and students. With local and overseas academics, leaders from the arts and education sectors in conversation on aspirations in forging cross-sector connections.

Visual Diary

Year 2 of the Jockey Club Arts-based Cross Curriculum Creative Learning Project gave teachers and creative practitioners the chance to step out of their comfort zone and learn to trust and understand each in a safe space, and also offer students a Creative Classroom to see, hear, feel and think. It’s a huge leap forward for cross-sector collaboration!

Watch our Visual Diary as it documents every step of their collaborative journey!

Knowledge Exchange:
Connecting Creative Collaborators

The ABCs of
Creative Learning

#Vision and mission of the project
#Establishment of creative learning in Hong Kong
Student-centred Creative Classrooms
#How can students become more self-motivated through collaboration?
#Is collaboration the same as cooperation?
#Impact of students’ collaboration
Learning Together:
Collaborative Professionals

#Secrets of cross-sector collaboration
#How can teachers enhance their professional development through collaboration?
#Can creative practitioners reflect further on their creative habits of mind through collaboration?
Talent Development:
Cultivating Cross-sector Collaboration
#Leaders from the education and arts sectors
#Insights and experiences of cross-sector collaboration
#Vision of cross-sector collaboration for the future
Creativity in Thai Education:
A Holistic Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach
#Educational Advisor - Future Skill Foundation & The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, Thailand
#Keynote - Kittikorn Hongyim
#How Thailand has systematically rolled out creative education across the country
Approaches to Creativity in School in England over the Last 20 Years

#CEO A New Direction
#Keynote - Steve Moffitt
#Development and positioning of creative learning and teaching in UK

Spotlight on students

Playing is learning too! Students from the Jockey Club Arts-based Cross Curriculum Creative Learning Project share insights on how to have fun while learning and at the same time improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Self-directed learning blasts off!