Programme 1: Training the Trainers

Train the Trainers Workshop

Step-by-step interactive 7-day full day training participations are required of all teachers and creative practitioners. Training is divided into different sessions of 1-2 days each in July and August.

Refresher Workshop

2 sessions of Refresher workshop for trainers to refresh knowledge from TT workshop and moving theory into practices on dealing with issues in class, questions asking and sharing challenges and problems.

Professional Sharing

Teachers present creative learning journeys and insights to another school outside of the selected 10. Templates can be provided to facilitate presentations.

Programme 2: Creative Projects in School

Ten schools will be selected per year to participate in the JCABC Project in which creative projects will be created by students facilitated by teachers and Creative Practitioners. The Project consists of 4 components -

Creative Projects

Through 30 hours of the JCABC Project, each school of 2 classes will produce diverse projects based on the pre-determined annual theme and KLAs.

Deliverables should diversified and could take the form of the following examples:

2D Portfolio


3D Structures




Anything imaginative

Creative Projects (examples of Year 2021-22)

School 1

School 2

School 3

School 4

Arts Subject &
Teacher 1
Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Music
Other Subject &
Teacher 2
Mathematics Chinese Language Life Education English Language
Creative Domain &
Creative Practitioner
Architecture Costume Design
and Making
Visual Arts A Capella
Theme Interpretation The classes start with students creating alien monsters that represent each of their characteristics, followed by designing and building living spaces for the monsters where students can apply their learning of Mathematics theory and Architecture design. By understanding and interpreting the relationships of characters and plots of historical stories, students can enrich their Chinese writing skills and fire their imagination on Costume Design and Making for the characters. Through observation and depiction of different kinds of animals and plants, students recreate the nature and the home of living creatures via visual arts. The exposure and learning deepen their understanding of the meaning and value of life. By integrating music with English poetry and story writing, students learn to see things around them with multi-perspectives and empathy. Hence they can engage and express emotions through participation of A Cappella song creation and performance.

Cultural Outings

Pandemic permitting, each school will undertake a total of two outings per year for out of classroom life-wide experiences. These outings will be to public performances and/or exhibitions at professional venues in Hong Kong. One outing will be to Tai Kwun in Central. Schools shall each select the second outing of their choice based on the following criteria and within the academic year:

Blended Learning - Online Platform

An Online Creative Learning Platform is created to meet various needs, both administrative and creative learning for trainers & students. In the event of school closures, classes can continue on the LMS with an online selection of materials for self-directed learning.

In-school Year-end Showcase

School-based presentations of all work in May of each year open to other classes, parents and educators.

Programme 3: Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

In addition to the year-end showcase, an important objective at the conclusion of the year is for participating JCABC schools to present their project outcomes and share their experiences in a Knowledge Exchange with other schools, local and overseas experts. This will both instill a practice of inter-school exchange of progress and challenges in creative teaching & learning. Students are invited to be on panels during the discussion.

The JCABC Project aims to provide a platform for creative teaching and learning dialogues and exchange by and between schools, CPs, plus invited local & overseas experts.

This will take the form of:

2 weekday attendance for schools

Panel discussion: teachers, students & creative practitioners

Project displays/presentations

Overseas experts keynotes and presentations on school projects

Creative Learning Arts Awards (Optional)

To recognise the completion of a full year of the JCABC Project, schools who wish to continue for another year will need to meet a set of criteria to be announced at a later date. Schools can apply for two levels of awards of which a list of criteria to be met demonstrating an initial and subsequent higher level of creative achievement in projects schools choose to submit.

Creative Learning Arts Awards will be in two parts:

Award Criteria

  1. Fulfilled all requirements in the current year as per the agreement
  2. Ability to clearly demonstrate understanding during the year
  3. Ability to clearly define the learning during the year
  4. Ability to make sense of the experience during the year
  5. Ability to anticipate changes in the next year

Teacher and Creative Practitioner team

Outstanding Arts-based Creative Learning Curriculum Integration

Outstanding Creative Learning Processes

Outstanding Creative Partnerships

Reflectors of the Year


Great Creative Thinkers

Great Inquisitive Minds

Great Imaginative Minds

School Selection Process

A maximum of 10 schools per annum will be selected to take part in the JCABC Project. Schools awarded the Creative Learning Arts Award are able to continue into Year 2.

Selection Criteria

Factual Information

School Sign-up

Target Beneficiaries


Medium of Instruction

Key Details at a Glance:

Themes per annum



Blended learning
(online during school suspension)

Class hours

2 classes per school during school hours
(e.g. Multi-intelligences activity, Life-wide learning sessions)

No of students

60 students; 2 classes

Suggested hours for Creative Project

30 hours per class
(20 lessons each x 1.5 hrs is recommended)

Cultural outings

2 times

Creative learning projects for schools are co-created and co-designed by:
(For details of the creative learning project, please refer to the "Project Structure" page)

Roles & Responsibilities

School Teachers

  • Teachers and creative practitioners co-create and co-design on curriculum development and execution
  • Utilise sessions for lesson preparation (備課節) to devise lesson plans with creative practitioners and prepare course materials
  • Arrange sufficient space for Creative Project and storage area in school
  • Facilitate Classroom & Cultural outings arrangement and management
  • Professional sharing of JCABC with a non-participating school x 1
  • Participate in JCABC project evaluation & assessment
  • The Principal/Vice-Principal and the PSMCD/ Panel Heads to attend the "Creative Conversations” in Train the trainers and Knowledge Exchange


  • Shape the project by development, creation and implementation of curriculum integration and framework
  • Fully supports innovation and the development of long-term partnerships between schools and Creative Practitioners by evaluating and refining the intended learning outcomes
  • Partner with Lead Creative Practitioners for support to teachers and Creative Practitioners
  • Devise tools and strategy with connection on international and local networks for professional training
  • Set goals and closely monitoring progress together with Impact Study planning with researchers
  • Provide administrative and logistical support
  • Disbursement of school subsidy

Key Dates (For reference only)

Mid Mar - early Apr

Mar - Apr

Apr - May

Before late May

Early - mid July

Sep - May



Oct - Apr

Next Year



Apr - Jul



Introductory Session

Online Application: including choice of subjects & art form

Online Interviews with schools (45 mins)

Announcement of result

Train the Trainers

School Creative Projects commence

Parents workshop 1 (open to all parents from participating schools)

Refresher workshop 1

Cultural Days x 2 in total

Parents workshop 2 (open to all parents from participating schools)

Refresher workshop 2

Online Application: Creative Learning Arts Award (Optional)

In-school Year-end Showcase & Professional sharing

Knowledge Exchange

Organisation Chart

The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC) is the award-winning creative learning charity behind the JCABC Project. Our work is recognised in Hong Kong and abroad as game-changing in using the arts for cross-disciplinary learning. We facilitate over 13,000 students annually from primary schools to tertiary institutions and offer stimulating interactive & creative teaching/learning solutions and approaches.

  • Advisory Committee


  • Project Director

    Lynn Yau

  • Curriculum Integration

    Dr Tong Choi Wai
    Dr Vicki Ooi

  • Selection Committee


  • Advisory Committee


  • Project Director

    Lynn Yau

  • Curriculum Integration

    Dr Tong Choi Wai
    Dr Vicki Ooi

  • Selection Committee


  • LCPs & CPs

    Lead Creative Practitioners x 3
    Creative Practitioners x 10

  • Overseas & Local Experts

    Speakers of Creative Conversations & Knowledge Exchange

  • Impact Study

    Project Management

  • Project Management

    Project Manager
    Senior Project Officers
    Project Officers

  • LCPs & CPs

    Lead Creative Practitioners x 3
    Creative Practitioners x 10

  • Overseas & Local Experts

    Speakers of Creative Conversations & Knowledge Exchange

  • Impact Study

  • Project Management

    Project Manager
    Senior Project Officers
    Project Officers

Project Advisory Committee

Mr Husain Al-Khazuie
Teacher (Science & Media Technology), The Harbour School

Dr Vivian Mo Yin Cheng
Assistant Professor, Department of Science & Environmental Studies in The Education University of Hong Kong

Ms Ada Wai Ching Cheung
Veteran Educator and Education Consultant of St Bonaventure Catholic Primary School

Dr Susan Yun Sun Fan, BBS, JP
Honorary Clinical Associate Professor in The University of Hong Kong, Executive Director of The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (1995 - 2021)

Mr Anthony James Hung
Solicitor, and Co-chairman of The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection

Professor Chi Pang Lau, BBS, JP
Associate Vice President (Academic Affairs and External Relations) of Lingnan University, and Professor of the Department of History

Dr Eugenie Leung
Registered clinical psychologist in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, Director of Counselling and Person Enrichment and Dean of Student Affairs in The University of Hong Kong (2006 - 2020)

Mr Kam Chiu Leung
Honorary School Development Officer of the Quality School Improvement Project in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and former Vice Principal of Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Professor Johnny M Poon
Associate Vice-President (Interdisciplinary Research) and Head of Department of Music in Hong Kong Baptist University, Dr. Hung Hin Shiu Endowed Professor in Music

(in Alphabetical order)