Creativity and Learning, from Origami to Science

Professor Julian Alexander Tanner

Assistant Dean,
School of Biomedical Sciences (Biomedical Sciences Curriculum),
Director of the Common Core,
The University of Hong Kong

Dr Simon Chi-Chin Shiu

Post-doctoral Fellow,
School of Biomedical Sciences,
The University of Hong Kong

What can a creative mindset bring about?

How can we reimagine a better future for ourselves using a creative mindset?

In a world in which Artificial Intelligence is developing more rapidly than could be envisioned, the creative mindset with its abilities to question, adapt, problem-solve and reflect will prove more vital than ever for the new generation in securing their own futures. Creative learning from a young age not only ignites new thinking and pathways, but develops resilience and hope in a future that looks increasingly volatile and uncertain.

As we embark on the final year of the JCABC, the themes of Building in Year 1 and Connecting in Year 2 have brought about creative collaborations and the tools and skills to “Reimagine” in Year 3.

Join our keynote speakers, schools and teachers to discover and to learn about creative transdisciplinary education at the tertiary level at the University of Hong Kong.

The event will be conducted mainly in Cantonese. Free of charge.