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AFTEC is delighted to announce the soft launch of digiAFTEC(™), a ground-breaking online platform to support teaching and learning in schools and at home.

Imagine Adventure is a listening-focused programme for in-class learning. Through story-telling by a London-based actor/teacher, students are able to

✓ Focus on listening for an extended period of time

✓ Understand the nuances of expression and intonation

✓ Engage in writing & speaking activities

✓ With a Teachers’ Guide aligning with the activities

TranXmedia edition of The Tale of Robin Hood offers a brand new perspective to the classic for students’ self-learning experience at home. With stage acting, animation and computer graphics, the highly innovative package includes a deep dive into the background of the story. 

✓ Interactive games to keep students excited to learn & badges to acquire

✓ Scaffolded questions to encourage critical thinking, analysis and debate

✓ Extended classroom activities for an integrated blended learning experience

✓ Tips for teachers for classroom use in each chapter

Enquiries: 2520 1716 | info@aftec.hk

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