Medical Humanities (Performance Arts)

“There is a need for doctors to be aware that the human and humane aspects of medical practice go hand in hand with the benefits reaped through science and technology. Undoubtedly, finding cures for disease, drugs to delay ageing and developing stem cell therapies to reverse degenerative disorders are of critical importance but of equal importance are alleviating the suffering of patients with chronic illnesses and incurable diseases.”
~ Background to Syllabus

For healing both the body and mind, 15 workshops are designed as compulsory modules for medical school. Through the power of the arts, professional tutors systematically guide medical students to use music, movement and theatre to reflect, observe, explore and express inner emotions and sensory reaction….ultimately to develop empathy with patients.

AFTEC is a community partner in the Medical Humanities Programme which is a credit bearing part of the medical curriculum. It intends to demonstrate the creative and effective collaboration between science and the arts. Through the imaginative encounter with the arts, medical students can explore the human aspect of medical science through engaging in theatre, movement and music. They will be guided to identify with their multiple roles and responsibilities, to reflect and explore on the healing process of the patients and ultimately developing a holistic and positive professional attitude.

Workshops & tutors in 2017/18:

Year 1
Drama workshop – Scott Wilkins(Tutor)、 Michael Sharmon (Tutor)
Music workshop – Nancy Loo (musician / arts educator)

Year 2
Movement & drama workshop – David Leung (choreographer and dancer), Candy Lo (dance/movement therapist)

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