Bravo! Past Participants’ Sharing

Bravo! Past Participants' Sharing

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Benjamin Tsang (Bravo! 2013-14)
Finding the meaning of life through theatre

(Interview by Mingpao)

Bravo! 是一個具膽識的生命教育計劃,不是一系列只讓年輕人追求個人超然、不落地的設計。她願意帶走我的小伙子,踏入多條可讓年青人探索世界的小徑,好讓他們的黃金時代不會完全被僵化了的現代教育思維蒙蔽。這是一個追求正向價值、利他利群計劃;天大地大,但千萬不要忘本:多回頭看看我們的井、多問候我們的家、孝敬長輩、關懷弱小、包容他人、回饋社會。」
Chan Chun Min, Teacher, Hong Kong Sea School
Jack Ip (Bravo! 2017-18)
“The best thing I have learned is to let go. I used to worry too much about being wrong or being over the top, but this trip taught me to just do what feels right. It’s better to let go and be as dramatic as I can.”
Yvonne Lui (Bravo! 2017-18)
Melo Man (Bravo! 2017-18)
“I’ve gotten the chance to step out of my comfort zone. I feel like I’ve become more daring and willing to take chances, no matter how dumb something may sound in my head, as well as learning how to be less embarrassed and becoming a bit more professional.”
Jess Yung (Bravo! 2017-18)
“Theatre can make this world a better place. It can inspire, change and influence. It’s really a powerful thing that many people can learn something in just a few hours. They can be brought along on an adventure, through history. It all starts with an actor. If I can one day perform or direct a show that influence audience in such a way, I would have fulfilled my purpose as a performer.”
Haley Yiu (Bravo! 2017-18)
「這個活動讓我們低收入家庭而對戲劇表演藝術有興趣的學生能有機會在香港和英國學習和交流,放眼世界。Bravo! 的整個計劃中,不同的機會對孩子各方面的成長都有很大的幫助,令他對未來的方向變得更明確。這大大增強了他的社交能力和溝通技巧,從以堅持己見的他現在變得會接納別人的意見。」
“My daughter became happier, more independent and open-minded after the London training. She is now eager to try new things and grab various opportunities.”