Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards Scheme 2019-20

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Bravo! is a 1.5-year bilingual acting and life-skills programme based in Hong Kong, Taipei and London for full-time students aged 13-18 who are passionate about theatre. The programme began in 2013 and we are now recruiting the 4th cohort. Intensive professional acting training at tertiary level, taught by tutors from Hong Kong and the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA), will be provided in this programme.

Priority is accorded to young people from financially underprivileged background.Choice of: Classic Theatre and Physical Theatre

Quotes from Bravo! 4 Actors

Bravo! brought me to friends who are theatre lovers, taught me to view the world with multi-perspectives, inspired me to be critical and find my own position in the world.

– Marcus Law (Physical Theatre)  

Bravo! taught me that it is important to “learn how to learn”. I think we should learn how to study.

– Olivia Yeung  (Physical Theatre)

Bravo! allowed me to express myself in other ways through the arts. And now I understand that there are different speed, rhythm and pitches on voices and body movements in theatre. A message can be presented in multiple ways.

– Ashley Wong (Physical Theatre)

The most valuable part of Bravo! is that I got to know myself again. Theatre enhanced my self understanding and I learnt that everyone has his/her own position.

– Yu Kong  (Physical Theatre)

The most valuable part of Bravo! is the creative space we have. Hong Kong is a city full of boundaries and such space is so rare here.

– Edwin Chung  (Physical Theatre)

“With great power comes great responsibility.” I have been given this gift to meet every one of you. I have to give the responsibility to come here on time and to do my work. I definitely have to learn that and this definitely has been a big transformation for me to become a better person.

– Ellen Li   (Classic Theatre)

Difficult time shapes more capable people – despite the social unrest and also the pandemic, we have evolved as more capable people. 

– Andrew Leung (Classic Theatre) 

Bravo! brings us to learn to respect our colleagues because each one of us is equally important in this kind of mutually dependent machine which is the entire production.

– Daniel Kwong  (Classic Theatre)

Nothing is as intensive and as in-depth as Bravo! can give us. Bravo! is a valuable programme for us to really treasure and remember for the rest of our lives.

– Leanne Jackson  (Classic Theatre)

Bravo! makes us a better actor in general, and also a better person. Theatre is not only about getting applause, it is about rehearsal, research, analysis and team work… before getting on stage.  

Peony Sham  (Classic Theatre)
Bravo! 2019-2020 Young actors and actresses

Bravo! 4 Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards Scheme 2019-20 Documentary

Bravo! 4 young actors showed their personal best

Bravo! 4 young actors performed their best during the final audition in the past 2 days, the actors also revealed their feelings of the Bravo journey. The vigorous training has not only elevated their standard & knowledge on acting, they have learned to appreciate team spirit through training in this difficult time and also come to a realisation of their self-value and future goals. The adjudicators will select participants for further training based on their artistic achievements and attitudes towards learning.

Bravo! 4 Young Actors get set for final audition

Bravo! 4’s passionate young actors were individually coached online by tutors of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) at the third acting workshop right before the final audition for further overseas training at LAMDA, London or Cloud Gate Dance School, Taipei.

Bravo Passion beats Pandemic

After two intensive professional acting workshops & life skills’ training, young actors of the Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards Scheme 2019-20 are readying for the upcoming final auditions. Undeterred by Covid-19, they are vying for intensive training this summer at the prestigious Cloudgate Dance School (Taipei) or at LAMDA, London.

To support the young actors, AFTEC’s Artistic Director, Dr Vicki Ooi, specially ran a special on-line tutorial session on interpreting monologues for actors in both the Physical and Classic streams.

This final Bravo! acting workshop be online in April 10-17 and will be conducted by lecturers from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

Bravo to them all!

Acting Workshop 2 & Work in Progress Presentation

Bravo! 2019-2020 young actors completed their second Acting Workshop with a Work-in-progress Presentation on 23 August 2019. The young actors all benefited from workshops on theatre styles, physical training, play analysis, scene work, devising skills and imaginative exercises led by tutors from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and other local professional tutors.

During the Work-in-progress Presentation, Bravo’s young actors’ performance impressed the tutors, guests, their parents and AFTEC’s CEO, Lynn Yau with their potential within such a short time. 

Bravo’s young actors shared their reflections of the training after their performances. They were inspired by the 5-day training in terms of team spirits, personal growth and the value of theatre.

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