Plays for Young People III:
Reader’s Theatre

Plays for Young People reaches its finale in a Reader’s Theatre. Travel the world through these translated plays, and forge social consciousness.

After direct discussion with playwrights, veteran directors and translators, 19 local emerging translators have reached the finish line and completed their translations. Extracts of five translated plays will be read on stage for the first time in a reader’s theatre.

Chan Yuen Wai, Calista
Leanne Jackson 
Lee Shing Yuen, Dominic 
Lung Po Ting, Jason 
Sham Pui Yan, Peony 
Tang Pak Chung, Marco 

12/3/2022 (Sat) 2:30pm
Live streaming

Free of charge
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Play introductions


Playwright: Khairi Anwar (Kuala Lumpur)
Theme: Education in a Malaysian Village

IQ.Rock (2018) received critical acclaim and describes the gulf between teacher and student due to difference in racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Veteran translator: Wu Hoi Fai

Emerging translators: Cheung Ngan Wa Cindy, Tam Yuen Tung Denise, Woo Man Wai Lavender, Yip Fong Wang Andy 


Playwright: Lin Meng Huan (Taichung)
Theme: Earth and Humans

Hei would not submit to the government’s “Craze for Game, Game for Cash” scheme, and joins E.S.D.F., only to discover dark conspiracies between future humans and AI! This story reflects on the effects of technology on earth.

Veteran translator: Julia Wan

Emerging translators: Lam Chak Ming Jason, Ma Ka Ying Jolian, Shing Hui Ying Cherry, Shek Kai Fung Karson 


Playwright: Olga Macrinici (Chișinău)
Theme: Humans and Animals

Docuanimal is full of monologues that talk about our relationship to animals in a non-judgmental, borderless and friendly way, full of irony and surprises.

veteran translator: Wu Hoi Fai                      

Emerging translators: Chen Yanyi Cat, Law Hiu Man Mary, Leung Pik Yan Juliana, Ngan Kai Fung Dennis 

The Sweetness of a Sting

Playwright: Chinonyerem Odimba (London)
Theme: Identity and Nature

Badger’s parents decide they want to return to their home country, so he is confronted with the possibility of leaving everything he knows and becoming a visitor in a strange world. Attempting to run away and escape his parents’ plans, Badger finds himself in a world full of insects, stories and Thunder – a land beneath our feet that he cannot escape from. This fantastical story looks at what it means to be young – disconnected from nature, and from your identity.

Veteran translator: Dominic Cheung

Emerging translators: Chan Wing Hong Anthony, Chow Pui Kwan Alastor, Leung Tsz Ching Vivian 

Grimm Adventures – A Reimagination of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Playwrights: Dr Vicki Ooi (Hong Kong) & Thomas Lawson (London)
Theme: Good vs Evil and Teamwork

Can Red Riding Hood, leader of the Forest Fists work together with Wolf, Thumbling and the Little Tailor to defeat evil? Will Hansel and Gretel be saved from the Witch and find their way back home?

Veteran translator: Dominic Cheung

Emerging translators: Lai Chin Ching Emily, Lam Yan, Tse Yiu Chun Lisa, Yau Ming Suet Michelle 

The presenter reserves the right to postpone, cancel, modify the programme format or substitute artists should unavoidable circumstances arise.

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