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Are there any car parking options?

There is no parking at Sha Lo Wan. The closest carpark is located near the pier at Citygate (South) Parking, Tung Chung.

Is there an entry fee to FLOW?

No, there is no entry fee.

Is there any age limit?

FLOW is a family-friendly outdoor event open to all. Children aged 12 or below must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 or above) at all times. Please note that there are age limits for some programmes: Interactive Promenade Theatre – Odysseus: The Voyage Home (aged 8 or above), Pinky the Dolphin (aged 3 or above), The Adventures of Bluey (aged 6 or above), Cheung Po Tsai Chek Lap Kok Sea Battle (aged 12 or above) and Eden Project Workshops (aged 12 or above).

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drink?

Yes, outside food and drink are allowed. To save our environment, please remember to take your waste with you when leaving the village.

Am I allowed to bring my pet with me?

Bringing a pet is not encouraged. Ferry company may reject passengers with pets. Guide dogs are welcome.

Does this event have disabled-access?

The event takes place on uneven ground. It is partially accessible, depending upon mobility device. Guide dogs are welcome.

What is the village terrain like?

Most places are on the flat except two steep slopes up to the ancient Camphor tree and the Airport lookout. General village conditions apply and there is no universal access.

Are there seats provided?

Limited seats will be available for people in need. Free seating (where available) is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Will there be Wi-Fi available?

Wi-Fi service is not available at the site.

How do I pay for the ferry?

Regular ferries: cash/octopus

Chartered ferries arranged by AFTEC: cash only

Can I top up my Octopus card in the village?

No, top up service of Octopus card is not available in the village. Please ensure you have enough cash or stored value in Octopus card for the return trip by ferry.

I would like to supply feedback on the FLOW, how do I do this?

You are welcome to call us at 2520 1716, talk to us on-site or email your feedback to us at [email protected] at any time.

What are the inclement weather arrangements for FLOW?

Before event:

If Red/ Black Rainstorm Warning / T3 or above is in force at 7:30am, all events commencing before 1:30pm will be cancelled; if the signal is in force at 11:00am, all events on the day will be cancelled.

Event in Progress:

When Red Rainstorm Warning/Typhoon Signal No. 3 is in force, all events will be suspended immediately. Participants are advised to take shelter at a safe place immediately until the weather condition turns better.

How do I find the programme sites?

You can refer to the map here and a programme guide can be obtained on-site on first-come-first-served basis. You are encouraged to reserve your programme guide at https://www.aftec.hk/en/flow-registration/

Are there storage spaces or lockers on-site?

Sorry, no storage spaces or lockers will be provided on-site.

What should I do if I lose contact with my relatives/friends or cannot find my belongings?

We suggest participants to bring their mobile phone with them all the time. Before event commences, please arrange with your relatives/friends a significant spot in the village as meeting point (such as Pa Kong Temple, Football Pitch or Basketball Court). Please contact AFTEC staff or volunteers at the information tents or any programme sites if needed.

How can I join FLOW?

Most programmes at FLOW do not require online advanced booking except Interactive Promenade Theatre – Odysseus: The Voyage Home, Pinky the Dolphin, talks, Eden Project Workshops and Cheung Po Tsai Chek Lap Kok Sea Battle (Board Game). If you are interested to above programme(s), please register at https://www.aftec.hk/en/flow-registration/. Walk-in registration is available on-site as well. 

Can I change my registration details for advanced booking events?

No. If participants have missed the advanced booking events on the day, any request on change of time-slot or date will not be considered. Please inform us (Contact no.: 2520 1716/ Email: [email protected]) at least 3 days prior to the event day if you are unable to attend or would like to withdraw the registration.

Can I still get admission to the advanced booking events if I were late?

For advanced booking events, there is a quota for walk-ins should registered participants arrive later than 5 minutes before the start of the event or do not show up. Participants are recommended to arrive at Shalowan 30 minutes before the first event you wish to attend.

How can I make a donation to AFTEC?

We welcome donation in cash, bank transfer and cheque. Please contact our staff on-site. Cheque shall be made payable to “The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection Co. Ltd” and sent to L3-07, JOCKEY CLUB CREATIVE ARTS CENTRE, 30 PAK TIN STREET, SHEK KIP MEI, KOWLOON, HONG KONG. Please send us your name, address and contact number or contact us at [email protected] for bank transfer details. Thank you!


On-site Help and Enquiries

If you have any enquiries, please contact AFTEC staff and volunteers with FLOW’ blue and white colour T-shirts respectively on the day.

Programme & Registration Enquiries

Please contact AFTEC for programme and registration enquiries:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (852) 2520 1716