Flow – Water, Mud and Haze


Flow – Water, Mud and Haze

We live on a “water-covered” planet and the ocean covers more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. Water in the ocean absorbs heat from the sun. This flow of heat in the ocean currents drives global weather patterns and the monsoon winds in the atmosphere.

Although Hong Kong is a small place, the flow of ocean currents exerts a profound influence on the coastal waters of our local shores. Such oceanic currents can warm or cool our coastal waters, influences our weather, and, determines the types of plants and animals found in our marine environment.

An even more important influence is the summer monsoon. Our inshore waters are markedly affected by freshwater flows from 2 sources: rainfall and discharge by the Pearl River divides Hong Kong’s territorial waters into 3 zones extending from west to east. Summer flows of water shape the types of habitat and communities found in Hong Kong as well as the lives of the marine organisms that live here.

Walk-in available

Speaker: Dr Chiu Sein Tuck

Marine Biologist

Date: 9 November 2019

One 45-minute session

In English with Chinese facilitation

For all ages

Programme & duration subject to change.



Marine Biologist

Dr. Chiu is a committed environmental advocate who obtained his Ph.D. qualification in Marine Ecology from the University of Hong Kong. He has endeavored to facilitate the process of nature conservation, in particular, the development of marine protected areas. He assisted in the formulation of the guidelines and management policies for the designation of Marine Parks and Reserves in Hong Kong. He has also reviewed development proposals to set-up a wetland protected area to conserve abandoned tin mining lands and pools in the Kinta Valley, Malaysia.

Dr. Chiu’s professional service record is considerable and includes past service on different statutory and ad-hoc advisory bodies and working groups of the Government of the Hong Kong SAR, including Marine Parks and Marine Reserves Working Group, Country and Marine Parks Board, Working Group on Artificial Reefs and Marine Mammal Conservation Working Group. Currently, he is a member of the Expert Group on Ecological Conservation of Pui O, Shui Hau and Tai O, as well as the Appeal Board Panel (Town Planning).


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