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FLOW with AFTEC@Shalowan won the “Award for Arts Promotion” in 2021 from The Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

It has been made into a documentary, available here. Enjoy!

Outdoor festival exploring water – Visual & Performing Arts

2, 3, 9 & 10 November 2019

(Saturday & Sunday)

Opening Ceremony

Creatively conceived, produced & presented by The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC) with major funding from the Springboard Grant, Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme, Home Affairs Bureau.

AFTEC would like to express our gratitude in particular to the Shalowan Village Office, Eden Project UK and the Hong Kong & overseas artists, educators, scientists, school teachers, foundations, all sponsors and collaborators, volunteers and the media for their invaluable contributions to this exciting festival. We would also like to thank the 2,000 participants who made it happen!

Your massive contribution in this Ed-venture meant we could achieve:

✅ International knowledge exchange & collaboration 

✅ Second year revitalisation kick-start for Shalowan village

✅An unforgettable outdoor experiential festival in the arts, environment & community

✅ Public entertainment & creative learning

✅ Context-based STEAM schools learning days with AFTEC 

✅ Teachers professional development with the Eden Project

The success of this ed-venture in its early iterations shows that events can be custom-designed in connection with different communities, historical backgrounds, locations and areas. Each exciting ed-venture is one-of-a-kind, so catch us popping up again with another creative journey!


FLOW Activities

Odysseus: The Voyage Home
Interactive Theatre
Flow Like Water
Dragon King (Myth/History)
The Tube (Rural)
Plastic Nature (Urban)
Pinky the Dolphin
The Adventures of Bluey
Treasure Hunt
Eden Project Workshop
Shalowan Guided Tour
Health & Well-being in the Arts
The Third Pole
Creative Conversation
Flow – Water, Mud and Haze
Cheung Po Tsai Chek Lap Kok Sea Battle
Board Game
Boat Craft
A Plastic Ocean