Inspiration 2015: Fun arts learning workshops

A Learning & Participation programme of workshops in different art forms for different ages.

Admission age for all workshops: 6 or above

(except for “Portrait, Photography & Theatre”: 3 or above)

Family workshops for ages 6-12 

The Insects Orchestra: Building buildings

1.11 (Sun) | 4:30-6:30pm

Bring your own instruments (strings, woodwind, brass or Chinese ones). Come and build buildings with insects you create with your instruments and Miss Loo. Music and theatre will never be the same again!

(In Cantonese)


Nancy Loo (Concert pianist and educator)


Workshops for children & adults

Bloodline, Lifeline: Science & Arts in the Making

24.10 (Sat)

2-4pm (Limited seats – act fast!)


Einstein famously said, “Science without religion is lame”. What about science without the arts? Less interesting for sure! We bring together an A&E doctor and a visual artist in this special workshop and you will be reflecting on your body like never before! We first examine the workings of our circulatory system scientifically, until our imagination takes over and we use the circulatory system as a metaphor to look at the wider world that we dwell in. Finally we will have our ideas materialised in the form of an art work.

(In Cantonese)


Margaret Chu (Hong Kong visual artist)

Dr Henry Leung (Associate Consultant, Accident & Emergency, Princess Margaret Hospital)

Mindfulness & Focus for Learning through the Arts

25.10 (Sun) | 2-4pm

What is mindfulness? And why are more and more people from all sectors of life including school children learning mindfulness? Research studies have shown that with mindfulness training, students can learn to pay more attention in what they do, not just in studies but also in things they do in their daily lives. Through mindfulness training, both adults and young people can concentrate better, and also learn techniques that will enable them to relax and sleep better so that they can be more alert and less tired during the day.


Portrait, Photography & Theatre

31.10 (Sat) | 4-6pm

Long before the age of cameras and smartphones, the only way to capture the beauty and rich emotions of the visual world was by painting. We will try and reconnect to that long-lost era by learning how to appreciate selected masterpieces and re-creating them through role-playing. Bring your cameras to capture the real-person re-makes and we will supply the props and costumes!

(In Cantonese)


Cheung Chi Wai (Hong Kong arts photographer and educator)

For teenagers & adults

Voiceworks: Theatre for Presentation Skills

25.10 (Sun) | 4:30-6:30pm

Shakespeare said that “all the world’s a stage”…which sometimes means we have to perform even when we don’t want to!

Whether you are preparing for a sales pitch, a public lecture, a poetry reading or a wedding speech, public speaking can be daunting. This workshop uses techniques taught in basic acting training to give you the skills and confidence to take to the stage and make sure that your voice is heard.



Naomi Lawrence

(Scriptwriter, director and producer of comedy, cabaret and physical theatre)

Inspiring Young Women: Careers in the Performing Arts

31.10 (Sat) | 8-10pm

(Limited seats – act fast!)

Looking for tips and insights on careers for women in the performing arts? Come to this fast-paced and invigorating session (held in a speed dating format) and chat with six of Hong Kong’s top female arts practitioners up-close!



Pewan Chow (Artistic Director, Passoverdance)

Fung Wai Hang (Resident Director, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre)

Tisa Ho (Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Festival)

Leanne Nicholls (Artistic Director, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong)

Madeleine Onne (Artistic Director, The Hong Kong Ballet)

Yip Wing Sie (Music Director, Hong Kong Sinfonietta)


Lynn Yau (CEO, The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection)

Make-Up & Theatre

1.11 (Sun) | 2-4pm

An actor delivers his line immaculately, his expression flawless, but he isn’t truly the character he is playing until stage cosmetics do the final transformation! In this workshop, you will learn how to transform an ordinary face into an animal, fairy and old person. Bring your own make-up or use some of ours.



Leena Lempinen (Stage make-up & hairstyling designer)

Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre CA Hall

Admission age for all workshops: 6 or above

(except for “Portrait, Photography & Theatre”: 3 or above)

^#$150 per session

Tickets available at URBTIX

^ 50% discount for full-time students, the disabled and minders, senior citizens aged 60 or above and CSSA recipients.

# 5% discount for every single purshcase of 10 or more full-price tickets.

All the above discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offer.

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