The Jockey Club “From Page To Stage®” Programme 2013: “The Lost World”

What are you dreaming of?

This is an adventure into dinosaur land and a story adapted from The Lost World novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the renowned author of the Sherlock Holmes Series).

Edward Malone, a reporter for a newspaper, asked for a dangerous adventure to impress the girl he loves. He is to interview Professor George Challenger who is supposed to have found dinosaurs in South America. Nobody believes him but he held on to his dreams.

Together with the other team members, they go on an expedition to prove that dinosaurs did exist. They want to show the world that the lost world really did exist. They hire guides to help them. These guides are very afraid as one of their friends was killed in an earlier adventure. The bridge from which they need to return is destroyed. They have to continue.

Do they find any dinosaurs?
Who are the ape-men who captured two of their team members?
Why does someone collect blue clay?

This play was for students who like to dream and imagine the impossible. Performed by an English speaking cast, the prodcution gave students an authentic learning environment. In addition to enhancing their understanding of English drama, The Lost World incorporated knowledge from history, geography and science of the time.

Pre-show Workshop

December 2012 – March 2013

School Performances

Date: March 8 – 28, 2013


Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre

Post-show Workshop

March – May 2013

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Tel: 2520 1716
Email: [email protected]

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