Bilingual Youth Theatre 2014: “Jason and the Argonauts”

A physical modern retelling of the heroic myth

Adapted by: Michael Brown

Co-directed by: Dr Vicki Ooi, Michael Brown

Jason is a born hero/king who could choose not to be seduced by power, but who succumbs to its darker temptations.
Michael Brown, Director of Jason and the Argonauts


Jason was deprived of his expectation of the throne of Iolkos by his uncle, King Pelias, who usurped the throne. Jason was sent away by his mother, and was brought up by a centaur named Chiron. At the age of 20 Jason returned to Iolkos. He revealed his identity to King Pelias and made a claim to the kingdom. The king replied, ‘Bring me the Golden Fleece, Jason son of Aeson, and you can have this kingdom’. Hence Jason and his team of Argonauts set off their heroic journey for the quest of Golden Fleece…

Michael Brown

Director, MFA Programme, Columbia College, Chicago; movement artist for UK War Horse and Oscar winning film Gravity.



Young People’s Physical Theatre Workshop

Tutor  | Michael Brown
Venue  | Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre CA Hall

Ticket | $350

Date  |  Dec 6 10am-1pm

Working with Movement in Theatre & Films

Tutor  | Michael Brown
Venue  | Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre CA Hall

Ticket | $60

Date  |  Dec 7 5pm-5:45pm


Dec 5 (Fri) 8pm*

Dec 6 (Sat) 3:30pm

Dec 7 (Sun) 3:30pm

*with Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards Scheme 2013-14 Short Documentary Screening & Ceremony

$160, $100

Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre
In Cantonese and English, bilingual surtitles


Online booking: URBTIX

Enquiries:2520 1716

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