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Mapping Love is a two-day drama workshop designed for young people aged 13-18 who love acting. We now call for schools to submit applications.

So much angst arises in young people today from the seemingly simplest of choices: What shall I wear today? Who should I eat lunch with? Do I like that boy? Does he like me? Do I like that girl? Does she like me? From these to questions that are more challenging: Where should I go to university? What career should I pursue? Who loves me? Who do I love? The adolescent path is fraught with so many choices made more complicated because a basic understanding of one’s own self is in a state of flux.

In Mapping Love, we will explore the themes of identity and love, and the turmoil inherent in the search for one’s role in life. We will look at WHAT we love, WHO we love, and HOW we love.


13-18 year-old students who love acting


Be able to communicate in English


10 students from each school. Total 24 schools. (240 students)




$100 per student (including two-day workshop + a ticket to the theatre production)

Payment to be made upon confirmation by AFTEC.

Please CLICK HERE to download the workshop leaflet.

Please CLICK HERE to download the application form. (This programme accepts school application only.)

Application deadline:  3 February 2016 (Wed)

Enquiries / application:  Samantha Szeto (2520 1716 / [email protected])


Mapping Love programme package

(1) Two-day drama workshop

Date:    28-29 Mar or 30-31 Mar or 1-2 Apr 2016

Venue:  Y-square, Chai Wan

This two-day workshop explores the above themes through improvisation, devising and play text, and is taught by Expert Artist Educators from London and San Francisco:

Bernadette Cranmer

English Department Chairperson, Granite Bay High School, San Francisco, USA

Margo Gunn

Learning Consultant, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London

David Hinton

Professional Actor, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London

Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

Sarah Huntley

Head of LAMDA Drama, Dulwich College, London, UK

(2) Ticket to theatre production

Date:    22-23 Oct 2016           

Venue:  Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium

Co-directed by an overseas director, this theatre production continues to study the themes of identity and love. 


Audition opportunities with AFTEC!

Participants of Mapping Love have the exciting opportunity to audition to become a cast member in the following two professional theatre productions in English. More details will be announced at a later stage.

Theatre production date

Audition date

Project features

27-28 Aug 2016     

mid-Apr 2016

AFTEC’s “Emerging Director”

22-23 Oct 2016

mid-May 2016

Co-directed by an overseas director


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