Karaoke Drama, Poetry and Songs & One Day in The Theatre

Proudly presented by AFTEC, produced by Shakespeare4All and funded by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR), the English Alliance Programme 2011/12 : English is Everywhere kicked off the summer of 2012 with two exciting programmes:

July 2012- Karaoke Drama: Poetry, Songs with Live Music
Primary and secondary schools students learnt various English language skills through a range of interactive, fun and creative activities including karaoke singing, music appreciation and poetry reading. Renowned guest artists including pianist Ms. Nancy Loo , percussionist Dr. Heung-wing Lung and poet Professor Agnes Lam also joined us on the stage!

July & September 2012 – One Day in The Theatre
In this one-day workshop, secondary school students were introduced to the various aspects of the theatre: acting, costumes, sounds, sets and props etc. Participants also put their English language skills in practice and produced a short performance to showcase their learning outcomes at the end of the day! 

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