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Relaxed Theatre is a social inclusion theatre format that caters performances to individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other learning/communication challenges. It offers the opportunities for ASD children and their families to attend performances in a supportive environment, and share the joy of theatre.

Dorothy, an orphan, wishes to explore the world beyond the confines and routines of her life in Kansas, USA. In an unexpected storm, she is transported to a very different land with characters who seem to be familiar in her home yet quite different. The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic that warms the heart about home, friendship, appreciation and the magic that still exists in the world. Come and share this beautiful journey!

*Separate Cantonese & English shows*
Directors & Adaptation: Oscar Fung (Cantonese) ; Michael Sharmon (English)

“Every child should go to the theatre because it is so magical.
It opens up the imagination and teaches you how to handle problems.”

– Dr Vicki Ooi

Characteristics of Relaxed Theatre

1. Relaxed Theatres Rules
The usual theatre rules and norms are set aside. Audience members are free to make noise, move around, leave and re-enter the auditorium anytime.

2. Laid Back Environment
Sound and lighting effects are reduced to less stimulating levels. Attendance is capped at 70% capacity of the auditorium to create more space. A chill-out area is offered outside the auditorium for audience members who need some down-time.

3. Specially Adapted Play
The play is specially adapted so that the storytelling is more direct. Interactive activities are specially designed according to the needs of the audience.

4. Pre-show Info Pack
A pre-show info pack is sent to the audience, including the story, characters’ information and photos of the venue. This enables the audience to familiarise themselves with the upcoming theatre experience in advance.

5. Venue support
Briefing is provided for venue staff, actors and administration teams on the needs of ASD individuals.

Survey of teachers and families 2017

  • 85% thought that the performance was an effective tool for learning and development.
  • “Performers were able to encourage students’ participation. Students were excited and amused.”
  • “It was a meaningful production as it provided an opportunity for children with different abilities to experience the power of arts.”

Show details
8.10.2018 | Mon | *10:30AM, *2:00PM
9.10.2018 | Tue | *10:30AM, #2:00PM
*In Cantonese | #In English
Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre
$40 | For aged 3 and above
30-min performance plus 20-min post show interactive activities

Booking & enquiries
Eleanor Lam
Tel: 2520 1716
Email: [email protected]

The content of this programme does not reflect the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
The presenter reserves the right to change or cancel any programme should unavoidable circumstances occur.

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