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19 May 2018 The Press and Journal (Scotland, UK): HebCelt inspires festivals on the other side of the world
6 October 2018 Oriental Daily: Enjoy "flight" in Shalowan Village (深入沙螺灣村感受「翱翔」樂趣)
11 October 2018 Metro Daily: Enjoy arts in Shalowan (入沙螺灣賞藝術)
26 October 2018 Metro Info FM99.7: 原來生活好快樂 (Guest: Ms Lynn Yau, CEO of The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection)
27 October 2018 Oriental Daily: Viewing airplanes in Shalowan Ancient Village (深入沙螺灣古村眺飛機)
29 October 2018 Hong Kong Economic Journal: Arts and culture activities in Shalowan Village (沙螺灣村文藝活動)
30 October 2018 Mingpao: Playing Panying Kite in Shalowan; Experience "flight" in the arts world (好去處:沙螺灣放盤鷹 翱翔「飛」常藝術世界)
30 October 2018 Metro Info FM99.7: 世界隨意門 (Guest: Dr Vicki Ooi, Artistic Director of The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection; Oscar Fung, Associate Director of AFTEC)
31 October 2018 The Epoch Times: Enjoy the happy moments in Autumn with flight Flight - Sights, Sounds & Shows @ Shalowan (秋日放飛心情 「翱翔」藝動沙螺灣)
31 October 2018 The Headline: Travel with the arts in Shalowan Village (藝遊沙螺灣村)
31 October 2018 Metro Info FM99.7: 世界隨意門 (Guest: Sue Hill, Installation Artists, WildWorks, UK)
1 November 2018 Singtao Daily: Revitalising Shalowan through arts (藝術再生沙螺灣) (Video)
1 November 2018 Metro Info FM99.7: 世界隨意門 (Guest: Carroll Li, Village Chief of Shalowan)
2 November 2018 Metro Info FM99.7: 世界隨意門 (Guest: Joyce Tang, Composer of Music: Sounds of Disappearance)
4 November 2018 Apple Daily: Sculpture standing on Shalowan; Villagers hope the government improve accessibility for tourism (雕塑矗立沙螺灣 村民望政府改善對外交通吸引遊客)
5 November 2018 Metro Info FM99.7: 世界隨意門 (Guest: David Harland, International CEO, The Eden Project, UK)
6 November 2018 South China Morning Post: Flight Festival held in shadow of Hong Kong airport to save dying Sha Lo Wan village
7 November 2018 am730: Experience the art and culture adventure of flight in Shalowan this weekend (今個周末去「翱翔」沙螺灣探索藝術文化之旅)
8 November 2018 The Epoch Times: Revitalise the hundred-year Shalowan Village; Depart again together (活化百年沙螺灣村 攜手並肩再啟航)
8 November 2018 Metro Daily: The Absolutely Fabulous Adventure (誇啦啦探索之旅)
9 November 2018 am730: Explore Flight in Shalowan this weekend (本周六日探索 「翺翔」藝動沙螺灣)
9 November 2018 amV: Discover Shalowan with "flight" (沙螺灣 飛一般探索)
11 November 2018 Hong Kong Commercial Daily: Flight hopes to revitalise Shalowan (翱翔計劃冀助沙螺灣「復興」)
13 November 2018 Epoch Times: The First Outdoor Immersive Interactive Theatre in Hong Kong(戶外體驗劇場香港首演)
14 November 2018 Radio Television Hong Kong Arts News
20 November 2018 etnet column: The arts of "innovation and creation of the society" (「社會創新設計」的藝術)

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