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Shalowan is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Village Chief Carroll Li Sau Mui and her team will take visitors around delighting the public with first-hand accounts of life then and now. Guided tours and story-telling sessions to introduce the tourist attractions at Shalowan and to talk about the anecdotes happened in this land.
Major attractions
Shalowan is located in north-west Lantau and nestles in a valley surrounded by verdant hills. The Pearl River Estuary is as the crow’s flies with the Hong Kong International Airport a stone’s throw away. Eponymously, the village is named for its sandy beaches and molluscs, both things of the past. Still this former farming and fishing village retains its charming stone wall and gate near the entrance to the old settlement, the ancient giant camphor trees on the hill, the “fairy traces” and Nei Sha Stream. Its traditional Pa Kong Temple is home to the Chinese deities Hung Shing and Tin Hau, both still very revered today. Together they protect the harbour and this Qing dynasty village.
*Photo by Cheung Wai Lok

Airport Lookout*

Shalowan Giant Camphors*

Agarwood Trail (Tung O Ancient Trail)*

Pa Kong Temple (Hung Shing Temple)*

Village Wall

Hong Kong Observatory Shalowan Wind Profiler Station

Shalowan Guided Tours (Approx. 45 minutes)
Assembly Point: Shalowan Village Office (Temple Ground)
3, 10 & 11 Nov 14:25, 15:15, 16:05
Nov4 15:30, 16:30
Shalowan Stories*

Narrated by the Village Chief and others, these stories will take you back to the good old days when Shalowan (named after molluscs found in the sand) was a vibrant fishing and farming site.
3, 4, 10 & 11 Nov 12:35, 13:35, 17:15
Village Guides
Chan Chi Kuen
Representative of Shalowan villagers since 2015. Raised in Shalowan Village, Kuen moved to the city and became a jewellery master after graduation from Shalowan Primary School. Kuen had been living in Taiwan for many years, but is residing in Shalowan Village presently.

Chan Wan Shum
An indigenous resident of Shalowan Village. Shum graduated from Shalowan Primary School in late 1950s.

Cheung Kwong Yum
An indigenous resident of Shalowan Village. Cheung regularly goes back to Shalowan Village to handle ancestral business and village affairs. The customs of the village and the life in his childhood are still vivid in Cheung’s eyes.

Li Sau Mui Carroll

Chief Representative of Shalowan since 2015. Born, raised and attended primary school at Shalowan Village. Although Carroll’s own business is in garment trading, she is deeply involved in revitalising the village.

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