Creative Teaching & Learning

Teachers' Continuous Professional Development

  • Why is Creativity important in 21st century education?
  •  What is Creative Classroom?
  • Why should we nurture Creative Thinking?


“This workshop is very lively and practical. It enables me to understand the importance of creativity and how to make a class more fun. My  brain is filled with ideas of how to put this into practice in a classroom setting.

–  Primary Teacher –


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3 hours

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Workshop Leaders

Director of Learning / CEO, AFTEC, Lynn Yau and

other Creative Practitioners

Enquiries & Enrollment: 2520 1716

Focuses on Creative Teaching & Learning

  • Educational policies and initiatives in the local context – the workshop is developed from AFTEC’s unique 10-year journey in creative exploration and redeveloped for CPD training
  • International Educational Development – Creative Education has a well-established precedence and documented success
  • AFTEC offers flexible and bespoke workshops according to your school’s individual requirements
  • From experienced and award-winning expert arts-in-education trainers

Content and Outcomes

This interactive and hands-on workshop will focus on:

  • A thorough understanding of the differences between traditional vs creative classrooms 
  • learning practical strategies through AFTEC’s 7 tools & skills for teachers to integrate creativity into lesson planning and to guide students during class
After the workshop, teachers will

  • Gain a new perspective of teaching creatively through the arts
  • Understand the foundations of creative thinking and teaching
  • Make new thinking connections in creative teaching & learning
  • Have practical tools & skills to implement creative approaches in their lesson-planning and during class


Interim Results of the Jockey Club Arts-based Cross-Curriculum Creative Learning Project Impact Study 

95% teachers agree that the programme enhances their curiosity and interest in cross-curriculum teaching

95%+ teachers and creative practitioners express great satisfaction in the project and intend to create & implement creativity education

85%+ students agree that creative learning improves their empathy, respect & care for others

80%+ students wish to apply creative strategies in other subjects and enjoy creative learning through the arts

Student Spotlight

AFTEC reserves the right to postpone, cancel, modify the programme format or substitute tutors