Young Theatre Makers​

Young Theatre Makers is a bilingual drama training programme that focuses primarily on analysing and understanding a play. Intended for secondary school students, the cross-curriculum scheme uses playscripts as a framework for discussion to develop students’ critical thinking.

Schools can choose from 12 original plays by playwrights from around the world. The plays deal with coming-of-age themes that resonate with young participants, and aim to stimulate interesting debate and dialogue. By combining showcase and discussion, the programme uncovers just how much the arts can help us understand life.

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Key Learning Areas

Arts Education; Personal, Social & Humanities Education

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Cantonese or English

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Face-to-face (Online format possible subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

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Contact hours

20 hours in-school workshop; Inter-school exchange and discussion; 8 hours rehearsal, showcase and discussion in the theatre

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Teachers’ support

CPD for teachers

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30 students & 4 teachers maximum per group

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$30,000 per group

Enquiries & Enrolment: 2520 1716



Drama Workshop

January to July 2024

  • 20-hours drama workshop using play scripts as a framework for discussion and critical thinking
  • Create a 30-minute work-in-progress showcase of an extract of the selected play


Concurrent teachers’ professional development

  • Give teachers the basic skills by involving them fully in the drama workshops, giving constructive feedback and offering continued contact and assistance throughout the programme


Inter-school exchange and discussion

  • Paired exchange and discussion sessions to be arranged among participating schools


Showcase and Discussion

13 & 14/7/2024 (Sat & Sun) 2:30pm

  • Rehearse and perform a work-in-progress showcase in Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre
  • Post-show in-depth discussion on stage


Ten plays with Chinese and English scripts are available for schools to choose from. Through the Plays for Young People project, AFTEC brought together international playwrights and local translators to create ten original plays for young people aged 23 and under.  These selected plays, written by playwrights from Hong Kong, the Silk Road, the UK and Sweden, will be used in the Young Theatre Makers programme.

Bye Bye BabyÅsa Lindholm
(Stockholm, Sweden)
A group of young people living in the era of social media who, in different ways, are struggling with life online.
DocuanimalOlga Macrinici
(Chișinău, Republic of Moldova)
“Docuanimal” is full of monologues that talk about our relationship to animals in a non-judgmental, borderless and friendly way, full of irony and surprises.
Fifty-FiftyMilena Bogavac
(Belgrade, Serbia)
A play about families, and what happens when divorce tears them apart. What can be split? What can be shared? One cannot divide love. It is unsplittable.
FrankyDr Vicki Ooi (Hong Kong) & Thomas Lawson (London, United Kingdom)A robot-building scientist must choose between losing his son forever and trying something that has never been done before. What happens when we take artificial intelligence to its extreme?
HyenasAnders Duus
(Strängnäs, Sweden)
On friendships, bullying and the fight for popularity, the story follows a group of teenagers who are desperate to change their status and find their place in the world.
IQ.RockKhairi Anwar
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
This play received critical acclaim and describes the gulf between teacher and student due to difference in racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Liam’s StorySara Clifford
(London, United Kingdom)
Think about disability, support and friendship. A young man and a boy meet at a school for the disabled. They develop a friendship that changes both their lives but will it last?
Love in the Olive TimesDragana Tripković
(Podgorica, Montenegro)
When witches place a curse on Zan Zano’s family, he has to face the consequences of his actions and learn about responsibility, respect and the power of nature.
The CrownNick Wood
(Nottingham, United Kingdom)
A story on friendship, growing up, taking responsibility and learning from the past.
The River of YouthHasan Erkek
(Istanbul, Turkey)
Willard, a retired teacher, is blamed for ruining the life of a former student. He is forced to look back at the man he once was and to understand the consequences of his actions.
The Sweetness of a StingChinonyerem Odimba
(London, United Kingdom)
Attempting to run away and escape his parents’ plans, Badger finds a land beneath our feet that he cannot escape from. This fantastical story looks at what it means to be young – disconnected from nature, and from your identity.
When I Want to Whistle, I WhistleAndreea Vălean
(Bucharest, Romania)
Three young men in a boy’s detention centre kidnap the centre’s warden and a young woman, who plans to conduct a study into juvenile delinquency. The boys demand a helicopter to rescue and set them free. Will they get what they wish for?

During the drama workshop, I not only learnt how to act, but also discovered the importance of teamwork by helping and supporting each other succeed in our final performance. What I enjoyed the most was how we were encouraged to put ourselves in the characters’ shoes. It was really fun and helped me understand the story more!

Youth College (International) – Tsing Yi Site

Students learn to respect the play, analyse the script, and rebuild the scene of a play in a local setting. I like this concept and the design of the programme.



Photos were taken before COVID-19